Knife Knowledge

How are Japanese knives different from Western knives?

Western knives are made from softer alloys of steel and punched from a thin roll of steel. They feature thick spines, point tips and double-bevel V edges that are sharpened at generous angles. 

Japanese knives are made from harder alloys of steel and are forged from a bar of steel. They have extremely sharp single or asymmetrical bevels that are sharpened at acute angles.

How is using a Japanese knife different from using a Western Knife?

Sharpness: Have you ever had tears come to your eyes while slicing onions? A dull blade ruptures the cells of the onion, releasing the irritants that make your eyes sting. Japanese knives have razor sharp blades that cut cleanly to bring out the best natural flavour without bruising ingredients and with a minimal loss of moisture.

Edge Retention: A harder alloy of steel not only results in a sharper knife but a knife that will retain its sharp edge for a longer period of time. 

Performance: The different design anatomy of Japanese knives results in a lighter blade that offers better control and agility and less fatigue than a heavy knife.

If I'm buying a Japanese knife, why would I buy a knife from Sakai Kikumori?

Your knife is created specifically for you and carries a unique story. Every knife from Sakai Kikumori is crafted by hand, step by step, one at a time. Each knife is the culmination of all of the skills of its blacksmiths, finishers and sharpeners and their dedication to perfecting their craft. In 2011, Sakai Kikumori received the Sakai Wazashu (skilled people of Sakai) certification for excellence in iron making and engineering techniques. 

How do I know which knife to buy?

A knife reflects the preferences of its owner. The purpose of the knife, frequency of its use and how it performs in your hands are important considerations for selecting your knife. Drop us a note in the contact page. We will get back to you with some suggestions.

How do I place an order?

You can place an order through the webstore. Credit card payments are processed through PayPal.