Our Story

"The Sakai Kikumori knives that I have been using have provided me with the precision and feel that I expect from one of the chef's most important tools. Some of the benefits that Sakai Kikumori blades have brought along with the feel are the essential factors of toughness in active kitchen environment and the all important ability to hold the edge" - Chef Anthony Walsh

The Japanese Knife Shop sells different types of handcrafted Japanese knives from Sakai Kikumori, a knife maker located in Sakai Japan. There is a story with every knife made by Sakai Kikumori. Blacksmiths, polishers and sharpeners use techniques developed over three generations to create knives that bring out the best qualities in food. 

Handcrafted knives from the Japanese Knife Shop are used by chefs from Toronto, Niagara-on-the Lake, Vancouver, Montreal, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, Brooklyn, New York and Bilbao, Spain. Restaurants where our knives are in use include Autostrada, Jump and the Stone Road Grille.

Chefs prefer our handcrafted knives because they are well balanced, perform consistently and remain razor sharp for a long time. Fish and meats hold their shape and texture when sliced with our handcrafted knives and vegetables can be cut to shapes and thicknesses not possible with a mass produced, factory stamped blade.