Image of Nakiri

The Nakiri is a vegetable knife. The flat blade is meant for push/pull chopping of vegetables. The spine and sides of the Nakiri may be used to crush garlic and fresh garden herbs.

Grind Type: Double Bevel
Blade Material: Stain-Resistant Steel with Molybdenum and Vanadium (Aichi 6A Steel - 0.7% Carbon)
Handle Material: 18-8 Stain Resistant Steel
Rockwell Hardness: 57-58

Why would you buy this knife:
- Unlike a Western cleaver, the Nakiri is lightweight and thin. These qualities make it ideal for dicing, julienne, slicing and chopping vegetables.
- Since the entire flat edge of the knife strikes the cutting board at once, the chance of accordion vegetables are greatly reduced.


Image of Nakiri Image of Nakiri